About Sandra


“When you get, Give
When you learn, Teach”
— Maya Angelou —




Welcome! My name is Sandra Boekhoudt, and I am the founder of Wealthy Wise Women a place where you will find inspiration, advice and encouragement to first gain control of your finances and then move on to financial independence. Here I share ideas, tools and information from my personal experience and that of other women who faced the same struggle as you are doing now, and conquered it.

My relationship with money has gone through many ups and downs during my life, which is very ironic considering that I am a financial controller, trainer and coach with a master’s degree in Finance and Accounting from Nyenrode Business University (The Netherlands). As a financial controller, I have helped and advised many big organisations in the Netherlands such as the Dutch Railways (Nederlandse Spoorwegen), Port of Rotterdam (Havenbedrijf Rotterdam), Deloitte and Telfort.

It was when I became pregnant with my fist child that I realized I had to start doing things differently if I wanted to keep my standard of living without necessarily having to work more, and have time to spend with my daughter and my partner. When my son was born in September of 2015, the urge and need to spend more quality time with my family and not compromising on my income, became even bigger.

I have come a long way from earning a lot of money and still not being in control of my money to being entirely dependent on my partner to finally being totally financially independent and in control of my money.

Money is a great servant but a terrible master.

Don’t let money control your life.

Become instead the Master of your money!

With Wealthy Wise Women I hope to show you how easy it can be to make simple changes that will end your roller coaster with your finances and lead you to a financially independent life. I will teach you how to create your personal action plan to become financially independent.

My teachings are from my experiences and knowledge. I have experienced firsthand what works and what does not. I am very passionate in sharing this knowledge with you and helping you on your way to Financial Independence.

Wealthy Wise Women is created to inspire you to get financially fit and healthy, for life all while enjoying the journey.